SpeechMarks - Private Speech and Language Therapy

Award Winning Consultant Speech & Language Therapist Specialising in Adult Communication and Swallowing Difficulties

Areas of Expertise

Dr Kathryn Head - Private Speech and Language Therapist

My areas of expertise include:

What I do

Each client is assessed to help identify individual needs, set therapy goals and create bespoke treatment programmes. Treatment may include:

  • Strategies to enhance word finding and functional communication
  • Exercises to strengthen muscles and improve coordination
  • Volume and breath control exercises to improve voice
  • Training family members, carers and allied health professionals to support swallowing and/or communication difficulties

How I do it

Sessions can be offered across a range of settings including video chat online (e.g. Skype or Zoom).
Following an initial consultation to gather background information and carry out an assessment, therapy goals are set with the client and a therapy plan is developed.
Appointments are usually offered at your convenience within days of the initial contact.
Fees are charged according to ASLTIP guidelines.
Please Contact me for further details and advice.

What people say

I'm very proud of the work I do and love knowing I make a difference to people's lives. It's important to me to get feedback from people I've worked with.

  Great service delivered in a professional, understanding and friendly manner. Very knowlegable and provides a variety of training aids. I look forward to my therapy sessions and would certainly not have progressed so much without them. Highly recommend.  
~ Elaine ~