SpeechMarks - Private Speech and Language Therapy

Award Winning Consultant Speech & Language Therapist Specialising in Adult Communication and Swallowing Difficulties


The aim of the rehabilitation process is to support brain recovery and help the individual to be able to communicate effectively in their environment.

The rehabilitation process involved tends to be bespoke to an individual’s needs, and can cover a range of different types of therapy. This may involve an assessment to use a communication aid, for example, or by supporting the individual and help them to relearn words and structure sentences.

Speech, language, social interactions and eating/drinking may all be assessed. The therapy is focused and personalised to the individual’s own goals in order to maximise the brain's recovery.

In addition, computer-based therapy resources can be used if appropriate to enhance the other therapy chosen.

  Kathryn has been excellent in helping me to understand my client's brain injury and how it has affected different aspects of her language. With Kathryn's help, my client has progressed from not recognising letters to constructing full, comprehensive sentences.  
~ Sonia Cutter, Support Worker ~